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Extracts from An Epistle To Convinced Friends, 1656

Friends, deal plainly with yourselves, and let the eternal light search you, and try you, for the good of your souls; for this will deal plainly with you; it will rip you up, lay you open, and make all manifest that lodgeth in you; the secret subtilty of the enemy of your souls, this eternal searcher and tryer will make manifest. ...

And dwell in love and unity, in the pure eternal light; there is your fellowship, there is your cleansing and washing. And here is the mystery to all the disobedient ones. And the everlasting God, of light, life and power, keep you all faithful to your own measure; that so the resurrection and the life ye may witness, and the living bread ye may feed on, which, whosoever eateth of, shall never die.

Margaret Fell

Margaret Fell, who later married George Fox, was a native of the North West, and lived at Swarthmoor Hall. She is known by many as the mother of Quakerism.

Full text at the Quaker Heritage Press site, which has an index of more of her letters.

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