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For peace-related events, see also the Northern Friends Peace Board Calendar.

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This web calendar system is provided informally by Simon Grant for Quakers in the North-West of England and North Wales - that is, the area covered by Lancashire and Cheshire General Meeting, Westmorland General Meeting, and Cumberland General Meeting. He takes no responsibility for any notices that are placed on the site - please always check by other means.

The system relies on Friends entering event notices. There will be many events planned that are not on the database here. If you know of some that are not here, perhaps you could suggest that someone (maybe you) enters them, so that they get the best possible audience on the Web. The Friend who enters an event notice can change it or remove it: but you don't need to remove events that are past, because the system starts from today.

If you register, you will be able to get e-mail notifications of events, and set your interests so that you get to see (or be sent) only the notices likely to interest you. You will also be able to ask for permission to add notices, and alter and delete ones you have added. If you wish to do any of this, please fill in the registration form.

I hope it will work, but (like any computer system) it will surely go wrong sometimes, or behave in an unhelpful way. Please let me know if it does, so that I can try to put it right, and ensure you have contingency plans in case it is not working, because I cannot accept any liability for any eventuality that arises from the use of this system (such as people putting in inaccurate details etc.). If you see any inaccuracies, please inform the person who entered the event notice - who is shown along with the details.

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